Friday, March 25, 2016

Chaos No More

Some of you are aware that I'm on a mission to declutter and organize my home. It has honestly gotten so out of control that I hate being in my house. Decluttering is a slow process, but it didn't get this way overnight. 

Growing up, I had a mom who kept very little clutter. She hated unorganized, chaotic spaces. My grandmothers--both paternal and maternal--were the opposite. They kept everything. And when they passed away, family had to clean it out. I followed in my grandmothers' footsteps. 

I have self-diagnosed ADD, and two of my three children have ADHD. So, focusing on anything is a struggle. Add to the equation that we all have trouble getting rid of anything, and you get chaos. 

I'm slowly but surely purging things that don't bring me joy. If I haven't used it in a year, why do I need it? If I hate doing it (crochet)why keep the yarns for it? I'm keeping my crochet hooks and a couple of skeins of yarn to teach anyone who asks how to do it. I'm keeping my sewing machine, because I do use it every now and again. But the rest, other than what I use for jewelry, is gone. 

Chaos is not my friend. It's not my children's friend. We need less stuff and more peace. Less to find a place for, and more space to enjoy our home. 

I have a few friends who are on this mission with me. We encourage and support each other, sometimes offering a swift (but kind) kick in the rear when necessary. I value their support and try to offer the same. And for those in the group that are on this quest, much love and respect. 

Thanks for reading.