Saturday, January 23, 2016

Winter Preparedness For Travelers

I've been reading about all these people stranded on highways during this winter storm. Instead of commenting on social media, because it turns into a free-for-all, I'm posting this on my blog. 

I am NOT an expert! These are things I've learned from reading, researching and asking questions. Do your own research and adjust for your needs. 

I read, follow, visit websites, own books on survival and preparedness. Because of that, I keep certain supplies in my vehicle at all times. There's no "crazy prepper mentality" here; just common sense. (And FYI, I don't believe that the majority of preppers are crazy.)

I had to evacuate our home in Virginia in 2003 due to a hurricane. I was frantically grabbing things that seemed important. I forgot a lot and took some things that made no sense. I was in panic mode. Lesson learned. 

I have a backpack purchased from a nearby surplus store. It's much like something you'd see military carry. This bag stays in my vehicle. In this bag, I have a multi-tool, manual can opener, fire starter, flashlight, extra clothing, first aid supplies, Chapstick (which is good for starting fires), sunscreen, bug spray, medicine (headache, allergy, stomach, and needed prescription medications), reflective blankets, disposable tooth brushes, antibacterial wipes, baby wipes, granola bars, and water. 

I also have a walking/hiking stick, rain gear, blankets (thin fleece blankets enclosed in zippered plastic bags), additional first aid supplies, puzzle books, cards, travel games, pens and paper. Those items are in permanent residence in my vehicle. 

My three boys have a backpack always at the ready in the front entry of our house. When we travel anywhere, they carry the bags with them. These bags contain basic first aid kits, flashlights, a change of clothes, a granola bar or trail mix and water, and a book or two. 

I'm going to ask that you do this right now. Get a backpack, duffle bag, old purse, box, ANYTHING you have and put basic supplies in it. Put it in your vehicle. It just might save your life. 

You CAN freeze to death in the middle of a busy city. You CAN die from dehydration ANY time. Snow is frozen water, but be aware that if you eat snow it can lower your core temperature. 

If you are traveling anywhere, keep your gas tank full. Pay attention to weather conditions. 

There are some great free resources out there regarding preparedness. Please use them. Don't be caught unprepared. 

As always, thank you for reading. Be blessed, be kind, and be safe. Peace and love.