Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

It's Mother's Day again and so far, it's been a weekend to remember. First, I got to spend yesterday morning with my boys at a pancake breakfast and car show/farmer's market. That made my heart sing. Then, we spent the afternoon doing little things around the house. The younger two helped their dad with the yard work. The older one helped me with dishes and laundry. But what comes next will ASTOUND you! (Okay, not really, but hey, I had to try!)

Last night, everybody was exhausted. One of my boys passed out while reading, one was asleep by 8:15, and the other one was watching television with me. My husband had gone to bed early. 

At 9 o'clock, I was tucking in my kids when one decided he had to go to the restroom. That's pretty normal around here. Bedtime equals potty/need a drink/need cupcakes for the school know this drill if you're a parent. 

As soon as I got everybody in bed, someone else needed to use the facilities. As they flushed, I heard "UH OH!" and walked in to see water rising to the topic the toilet bowl. DAMN! And no plunger in the house. Ours bit the dust last week. (I have a houseful of kids, it happens.) 

I tried a couple of tricks to get the problem solved, after I mopped the floor...with bleach...and tossed the mop...Nothing. I told my husband I was headed to the store to get a plunger. (Woke him up to tell him. You're welcome, honey!)

All the way there, I cursed under my breath. I had on my pjs and no makeup, and never even looked at my hair. Wally World, here I come! 

I arrived and went straight to the plumbing section where I found the grand-daddy of all plungers! This sucker was HUGE, with a bizarre-looking handle, a little snake thingy that helps move clogs out of the way, and a price of about fourteen bucks. I'm in! I grabbed it, turned to walk away, and stopped. I went back and got another, less scary plunger, just in case. Armed with my two plungers, I was ready to go!

The whole time I was in there, I kept thinking about how I'm in my pjs and I NEVER do that. It drives me batty when people do that! I looked for the shortest checkout line--yeah, I know, on a Saturday night at 10 o'clock, in Wally World. (No, I wasn't drunk!) My checker was a sweetheart and told me to "Have a happy Mother's...have a better night!"
came home and got to work clearing the problem. Success!!

This morning, I got up and looked in the mirror. My pjs were on inside out. Inside out. In-side freaking out!  That explained the weird smiles and looks last night. It also explained why my pockets didn't work...DOH!

Happy Mother's Day!