Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Grandma's House

Splashing in puddles after a summer rain.

The smell of honeysuckle on a hot summer night.

The sound of a storm tearing the branches from the trees.

Fireflies dancing through the night.

Freight trains roaring down the tracks.

Playing games around the kitchen table perched on a stack of books.

Secrets shared on the front porch swing.

Tea so sweet it made your teeth ache.

A crumpled dollar bill pressed into your hand.

A place to rest, to belong, always.

Prayers said all day every day.

A love unending, unconditional.

A heart big enough to love many, but not strong enough to continue beating.

An end to a life, to a family, to unity.

A sorrow unequal to any other.

(Copyright 2010, Linda Rosendale)

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