Friday, September 24, 2010

School Days

School has been in session for a little over a month for one of mine and a couple of weeks for the other two. So far we've spent almost $200 on fundraiser items so my little guy can go to a magic show and get VIP treatment. We've bought almost $150 worth of books from one and had to ignore the order forms for the other two. We've had notes sent home from school at least once a week due to inattentive or overactive behavior from one, but the other two are doing well. (knock wood) We have homework every night that takes twice as long as it should due to noncompliance. We've had parents' nights, open houses, and we have parties coming up soon.
I'm glad school has started back up so I have some down time! I have around two hours in the mornings when the youngest ones are at preschool. I do my shopping, errands, and all that fun stuff then. I'm still trying to organize my time so I can get the grunt work done and have time for my writing and jewelry-making while everyone is gone. Hoping to get it all ironed out so that I can post on a more regular basis. Until next time, stay safe and be blessed!

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