Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ants In My Bra

I had my photograph taken today, since I'm in dire need of a headshot. I normally avoid cameras like the plague, but...
I'd posted on my personal page that I was looking for someone to take my picture and a good friend was kind enough to offer to take it. 

We agreed on the details and met at the location. Unfortunately, there was a wedding scheduled at the gardens we'd planned to use. We improvised, because as moms that's what we do. 

We walked around the state Capitol and took a few shots. The longer we walked around, the more amusing it became. We were looking for the perfect spot. 

My eyes are really sensitive to the sun, so I squint quite a bit. That proved to be a problem since today is sunny and hot. I'm also very sensitive to camera flashes. (Are you feeling the photographer's pain yet?) Luckily, she's a mom of four, so...

We got quite a few good pictures. One of the best was of me peering through tree limbs. I had to kind of hug the tree and put my face through a split in the trunk. (Why can't I describe this?) We checked the tree first to be sure there were no ants. Or at least, we thought we did. 

As I was posing, I looked down and saw ants on the tree. After the shot, I jumped back. We decided we needed a couple more by the tree. That time the ants were really starting to move. We finished up in that spot and I joked about ants in my shirt. 

We took a few more shots, chatted a while, then went our separate ways. As I was driving home, I looked down and saw an ant on my shirt. I grabbed it and threw it out the window. When I got home, I found another one in my bra. 

Having your photograph taken can be quite interesting. 

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