Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My "Kryptonite"

I've spent the last few weeks...months...in a writing slump. I was not quite sure what was/is going on, but I think I have part of it figured out. 

The last few months have been crazy hectic. When I wasn't being pulled in fifty directions, I was too exhausted to move. Yes, I know I'm a parent and that's part of it. Yes, I know I'm lucky  that I'm a stay-at-home-mom (although, contrary to popular belief, that IS a full-time job). 

Here is my revelation. Are you ready? My inability to stop people-pleasing is my nemesis. Yep, it's the fly in the ointment. And then there's the guilt; I say "no" and that guilt gene kicks in. Let me tell you, that freaking guilt gene is relentless! It keeps hammering away until you're ready to agree to any and everything! 

If you're a parent, you know your children are fantastic, gifted even, at triggering that gene. And don't get me started on the spousal ability--sorry honey, intentional or not, it happens. 

Who has the ability to control this? The simple answer is, me. The more complex answer? Still me. I can continue to allow the busyness to take over or I can stop and breathe. It's a choice. 

I choose to breathe.

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