Friday, September 11, 2015

September 11th, Honor The Fallen

9/11/2001 I was in Mississippi, my new husband was in training several states away. When I heard the news, like everyone else I was stunned. After hours of unsuccessful attempts to call my husband on base, I finally reached him. We were weeks away from a transfer to Norfolk, VA Navy Base. He was waiting to find out whether he needed to fly out or to stay until his scheduled transfer. 

I asked, "What can we do?" (Meaning those of us watching the repeated coverage of the attacks.) 

He said, "Go on with life. Don't feed the media frenzy, don't let it consume you." 

Today, on the 14th anniversary of this horrid tragedy, I will honor the memory of those who were killed, both during the attacks and during search and rescue. I will honor those brave men and women who fight to protect this country. I will NOT give in to the hate and fear of another religion because of a select group of people. I will honor those who lost their lives and their loved ones with my thoughts and prayers. 

Be blessed. 


  1. I love that advice that he gave "Don't let it consume you."