Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Confessions Of A Not-So-Perfect Mom

I want you to sit down. Are you sitting? Now, what I'm going to tell you might be a shock, so prepare yourself. 

I'm not perfect. I know, I know, you can't believe it! It can't be true! Surely, I jest. But no, I am really a very imperfect person and an even more imperfect mother. There it is. I said it. Well, technically, I wrote it, but...

I threaten to take things away from my kids for "the rest of your life" and to strip their rooms of everything but beds and clothes; and I don't do it! I know nobody else out there has EVER done that!

I also don't always explain everything in a calm, controlled voice. I yell. Loudly. And with gusto. I don't always give my children choices or explain my choices. I use the phrase "because I'm your mother and I SAID SO" a lot. 

I don't tell my children how I understand they're feeling overwhelmed or frustrated and blah, blah, blah. I do sometimes, but not every time. 

I do tell my children they're being brats when they're being, you know, brats. I don't let them use their ADHD as an excuse. I don't always ignore behavior because they're tired or cranky. 

You see, I'm human. And I get tired of dealing with things, just like everybody else. And I think it's just as important that they know I'm human. I screw up, I get angry, I lose my cool. I also admit when I'm wrong. 

This morning, my oldest who's in the middle of preteen angst was being mouthy--not typical for him. He got
yelled at after talking didn't work. I took him to school and felt like an utter bitch. He was sullen, I was ready to cry. Fun times in preteen land--not!  

For the next hour, I went through the scenario over and over. All of a sudden, I looked at the counter and saw his morning dose of medicine. Crap! I forgot to give it to him. I never do that! 

I grabbed the medicine, drove over to the school to see the nurse and explain what happened. She called him to the office. He came in, surprised to see me.  I explained what I did and that he was right when he told me that morning that it seemed like he forgot something. He laughed and said it was okay. 

Then, he took his medicine, walked me to the office door, pulled me closer like he wanted to say something, and kissed me on the cheek. "I love you, Mom."

Huh, not so perfect, but close enough, I guess. Thanks for reading!

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