Sunday, February 24, 2013

Shoveling Snow

Today, my husband and I shoveled snow together.  Now, you may wonder why that's such a big deal.  Let me explain.

When we first married and before we had children, we lived in Mississippi and Virginia.  Neither of those places get much snow, so we never had to shovel snow.   Then we moved to Illinois.  Holy cow!  The first time it snowed, I freaked out.  I was born and raised in Mississippi.  Everything shut down when it snowed! 

We had small children when we moved to Illinois, so when there was shoveling to be done, either my dear husband did it or I did on the days my oldest was at daycare.  I'd put the twins, who were about 9 months old, in their highchairs, sit them in front of the window so I could see them and they could see me, and start shoveling.  If he was home, my husband would shovel the drive. 

When we moved to Missouri, my oldest was around 3, the twins were 18 months.  We took turns shoveling snow, because there was NO WAY we could leave them inside alone while we worked together on it.  This has been the practice for a while now.  The twins are now 7 and my older child is almost 9.  I shoveled snow for a while by myself this afternoon.  (I've been cooped up with a sick child since Tuesday and with all three boys and my husband since Thursday--shoveling snow is a treat!)  After I was out there for a while, my husband came out to take over.  The boys were all inside having "quiet time"--as quiet as they ever get, anyway. 

We continued to work together for a while, throwing snow at each other every now and then.  All of a sudden, I looked at him and asked if we'd ever done this before.  He thought about it and no, we hadn't.  We've been married over thirteen years and this is another first.  And it was fun.  (Not that I want to shovel snow again soon.)

Thanks for reading.  God bless!

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