Monday, June 6, 2016

A Letter To My Boys

Dear boys,

No means no. It doesn't mean maybe, ask 50 times in a thirty minute time period, or to do what you want. 
In this screwed up world we live in, this may be the most important thing you learn. No means no. 

When I say no, it isn't to be mean or to encourage you to test me. It means no. Some day my sons, far in the future, a young lady will say "no". When she does, it means no. It doesn't mean she wants you to convince her. It means no. It doesn't mean she wants you to do what you want. No means no. Remember that. 

Some day you may be engaged and marry, I hope so. Your fiancée or wife may say no. If she does, no means no. That promise, that vow, does not give you any right to override her wishes. Do not try to convince her. No means no. Remember that. 

Respect. I try and teach you respect. First and foremost, respect everyone. No means no. Remember. 


Mom, the most important woman in your life right now. The first woman to tell you no. Respect that. Remember. 

1 comment:

  1. Emma, this applies to girls too. Get it? Got it? Good! (Yeah, right and it's right back to negotiations. Though she did turn off the tv on her own last night at 8 sharp along with the iPad and started to get ready for bed without me reminding her...)