Monday, June 27, 2016

Not Everything Is Better In Stereo

You know I have twins and a single. There's around a year-and-a-half age difference between the oldest and the twins. This means that I essentially had three babies, toddlers, etc at the same time. Yeah. Makes me tired just typing it. 

One thing I've noticed is that my boys tend to do things in packs. Like wild animals. Yeah, I said it. And nine out of ten times, it's not appropriate things. Here is a list of the top ten things that strike fear in my heart. 

1) "We didn't do anything!" In unison. That essentially means they did do something, that two or more were involved AND it may involve property or personal damage. 

2) "MO-OM! _____ is bleeding!" At the top of the lungs, from across the house/yard/ball field...

3) The sound of crashing things, followed by "I'M OKAY!" That's a toss up between personal and/or property damage as well. 

4) "Mommy, I really sorry, but..."

5) Holiday breaks that involve doctor visits. Doctors pay ME to keep them at home. 

6) Grocery store trips with all three. (My circus, my monkeys. 'Nuff said!)

7) "Do you know what your child said today?" Oh man, I'm REALLY sorry. Unless it wasn't bad, then I'm proud. But it was bad. I know it was bad. Wasn't it?!

8) "Mom, somebody called and said you have an appointment sometime." Sigh. 

9) "So-and-so's mom/dad/grandma said he could come over tomorrow." Say what?!? 

10) "Mo-om HE..."

Thanks for reading! 

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