Thursday, May 30, 2013

A blurb from my work in progress....

This is a very rough blurb from the middle of my work in progress.

The drive back took longer because of the load and because Kat didn't want to draw attention to herself. She drove down the road to her grandparent's house. Your house now. She drove past it to another road. She got out, unlocked the gate, pulled in and relocked it behind her. She drove without headlights to the entrance to a tunnel. She unlocked another gate and pulled inside. Once inside, she pulled farther down the road and turned on her headlights. Before long, she reached a steel door and stopped. She pressed a remote and the doors slid open to reveal an underground garage. She pulled the truck around and backed the trailer up to a raised platform. After she killed the motor, she jumped out and pressed the remote to close the steel door. Then she hopped up on the platform, entered a series of numbers on the keypad, and the door slid open to reveal the inside of the bunker. She opened the back of the trailer and began unloading boxes. The weight didn't bother her. She'd lifted weights at the gym to train for just this moment. It took hours, but the trailer was eventually empty and the guns from the truck were unloaded too. She walked through to the bunks and showers in the back of the bunker. She stripped, showered, threw on sweats and climbed into the bunk. She fell into a deep dreamless sleep, comfortable in the knowledge that she was safe, alone and had no need to worry about being discovered.

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