Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Worms & Turtles & Ants, Oh Boy!

Worms, turtles, ants and dirt! That's what little boys love! We played outside yesterday. The boys were fascinated with our turtle friend. He's taken up residence under out deck for now. He ventures out when we're inside, then slowly creeps under the deck when the boys get loud and busy, which little boys invariably do.

Yesterday, as we played ball and such, the boys kept wandering over to "check" on our friend. This involved sneaking up on the poor turtle and dropping leaves and small twigs on him. One of my twins kept getting closer....braver. Then, SNAP! The turtle had endured enough. He snapped at the stick my little guy was holding. The kiddo developed a healthy respect for our turtle friend.

Then, from across the yard, I hear, "Mom! There's an earthworm! Or maybe a baby snake!" (Shudder!)

I headed over and found an earthworm, moving sluggishly in the 90 degree heat. I carefully picked him up with a leaf, (Eek!) and deposited him in the damp leaves in the woods behind our house. Worm saved! And, thank goodness, no snake! Too hot for them to stir around, I guess.

A little later, I see all three boys poking a stick at something. I walk over and see them stirring up an ant bed. Sigh.

"Boys, stay out of the ants. They sting."

"Mom, you ALWAYS say that!"

Um, because I always mean it? Oh well, they'll learn. I did.

We saw no frogs. Perhaps, they'd heard about the boys in our yard? Or it was too hot? Anyway, I really didn't want to catch frogs, so I was far from disappointed.

The rest of the afternoon, we collected rocks and "arrowheads" and looked for dinosaur bones. Sadly, no dinosaur bones found. But we did find a couple of fossils and arrowhead-like rocks. Good times!

And in the middle of all the dirt and creepy critters, I heard, "Mom, you're the best! I love you!" Punctuated with muddy hugs and kisses, of course! In a few years, they'll be too cool for that, but for now, I'm loving it!

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