Saturday, July 20, 2013


Thursday was not a productive writing day. But it's summer and I spent the day with the crew. The crew being my three boys. We had a couple of errands to run -- snooze fest. Then we went prowling around flea markets and such places. Our mission? Find materials to make a castle.

One of my twins loves to build. Give him plans or a picture and he'll build with no help. And he designs his own plans too. He's only seven. Yep, that's right, seven.

As we dig through mountains of potential materials, his eyes light up. He has a grin from ear to ear. He's in his version of heaven on earth. I'm happy watching him. And I started storing the details in my mind. He grabs a candle holder. (Wooden, looks like stairs when you hold it the way it's meant to sit. And like the bottom of a boat when it's turned upside down.) I nod my approval. We leave with a dollhouse kit (he hates that idea) and several wooden boxes and trays.

We stop by a tobacco shop and get an empty cigar box. He only had one, but agreed to keep the empties and let me collect them periodically. This stop led to a great discussion on the dangers of tobacco and alcohol. (I take what opportunities I can to educate them.)

Friday, we got a couple of towers built for the castle. And today, we started planning the walls and drawbridge. Let's just hope we can skip the moat and scary crocodiles/alligators. I'm not up to that much reality....unless they're plastic critters. Now, we're waiting for our base to dry. (Wood glue takes a little while.) Then we start building the walls!

I'm thinking I should have saved the construction tape they had around our house a couple of weeks ago. We may need it for our project.

Back to building! Have a great weekend and as always, thanks for reading!

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