Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Count to Ten

They say you should count to ten to calm down when you're angry. Ha! Doesn't work for me. I say the alphabet backwards.

Yep, say the alphabet backwards. I tried counting backwards, but that only made me feel like a rocket ready to blast off. 

Saying the alphabet backwards makes you focus on something other than your anger. Try it. I'll wait. (Humming annoying gameshow tunes.) No, really, go ahead, I can wait. Sigh. Done? No? Oh, okay. (Tapping foot and humming louder.)  How long does this take?! Angry? Me? Oh, no, really,  I'm not angry. I SAID I'm fine. 

Z, Y, X, W,...


  1. That's a great idea. I tend to focus on my breathing. If I can escape into my head for a bit, sometimes that helps. But I'll try the alphabet trick.

    1. Breathing works too. But I find my kiddos can push hard enough that I need the distraction of the alphabet trick. :-) Let me know how it works for you. Thanks for reading!