Wednesday, April 16, 2014

OMG Moment

I received a note from a teacher regarding my 8 year old. I always hold my breath when he goes to school, send up a quick prayer that he'll not get into trouble  and remind him to be on his best behavior. 

This particular note said:
Yelled out, "SEX!" at the top of his lungs in the lunchroom.

Shit. I mean, oh my! Nah, I mean shit!  First, I wondered where he heard it and if he even realizes what it means. I asked what he got into trouble for and I got a string of tales. When this child lies, he does it with enthusiasm. (Don't you like how I reframed that?)

I finally stopped him, because I love him and hated to see him get in any deeper. After a discussion about telling the truth (one of many such conversations with this one), I told him he was in trouble. Not for saying sex, but for lying about what he said. Then (gulp) I asked what sex means. 

"Boy or girl. Their sex is which one they are."

Whew! Can hold off on THAT talk for a little while!

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