Monday, April 14, 2014


When we found out we were pregnant, we started working on a list of names. The biggest problem we faced was naming our children something unique to them--no juniors or thirds here.  And something that didn't make us fear for our lives when they grew up. (Like some family names, which I won't discuss.)

The initials couldn't spell anything rude or that could be made fun of by other children. It was an ordeal, this naming thing. Eventually we settled on a name we both liked. Families were happy, we were happy. 

Recently, our children started asking why we picked out the names we did. They don't like their names. Sigh. Of course, they don't. 

"Fine," I say, "when you have children, name them what you want to. For now, live with what you've got."

"I'm going to name my kid Godzilla, or Lightningbolt, or Ninja!"

Ah! I can't wait to meet little Godzilla, Ninja and Lightningbolt! I'll be sure to tell them what their names might have been. 

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